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Melbourne Emergency Dentist

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Dental Emergencies in Melbourne

A toothache constitutes an emergency for two reasons. First, you are in pain. At Designing Smiles, we don’t want you to suffer needlessly, and that’s why we make every effort to get you examined and treated promptly. Second, the more quickly your toothache is addressed, the less chance there is of it leading to a root canal or a tooth extraction. Sometimes, those outcomes will be unavoidable, but our goal is to take all reasonable measures to prevent it.

Why do you have a toothache in the first place? It is nearly always due to your tooth’s natural protective barriers being compromised. You have enamel and dentin layers, which serve to protect the nerve inside. When you develop a cavity, there is hole that exposed the nerve to air, as well as to the hot and cold of certain foods and drinks. Older fillings may loosen or fall out, resulting in a previously treated tooth exposed, as well. And any chip, crack, or fracture of a tooth is likewise going to leave the nerve unprotected. Our Melbourne emergency dentist diagnoses the problem and then takes the most appropriate action. Typically, this is the placement of a new filling or a dental crown. You may also be experiencing a toothache because the pulp inside your tooth, which is next to the nerve, has been infected by bacteria. Like we mentioned above, the more time that the tooth is exposed, the more chance there is that such an event can occur. Root canal therapy is used by our Melbourne emergency dentist to repair the harm, and is successful at a rate of about 90%.

The bottom line is that you should not hesitate to have your toothache taken care of. Contact us right away. We’ll make sure you can be seen by our Melbourne emergency dentist at the earliest possible opportunity.

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