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Melbourne Dentist

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Dental office in Melbourne

Our Melbourne dentist, Victor C. Apel, DMD, is dedicated to forming long term relationships with valued patients just like you. Our practice offers an array of essential dental services, and thanks to our commitment to continued education and embracing the advancements of technology, you are the beneficiary in the form of better and more effective treatments.

Prevention is a high priority for our Melbourne dentist. It is always preferable to stop the onset of cavities, toothaches, infections, gum disease and other unpleasant outcomes before they have a chance to cause you problems that cost you in time, money, and discomfort. When you come in every six months for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning, you are putting the odds distinctly in your favor to keep your oral wellness at an optimal level. Restorative dentistry we provide includes fillings that are designed to match your tooth color, dental crowns, fixed bridges, and both partial and complete dentures. Cosmetic care from our Melbourne dentist is represented by Fix on Six Bridges, Roundhouse Zirconia Bridge, veneers, and Zoom! teeth whitening. Get a more pleasing smile of natural looking perfect teeth and a brilliant white shade across all of them. Best of all, our treatments are always safe. Among our cutting edge solutions are laser dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, Six Month Smiles braces, and more. Gum therapy for your soft tissue, root canals, and extractions are all done with the skilled and gentle care we’re known for.

For you and for your entire family, our dental practice has everything that is necessary for outstanding oral care, now and in the future. Call us now to arrange a convenient time for an appointment.

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