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Preventive care in Melbourne

Preventive care includes your efforts at home, but an essential component of it is our teeth cleaning. With a visit every six months to us at our Melbourne dental office, you are doing something very positive for yourself when it comes to avoiding dental decay, cavities, and the effects of gum disease.

It’s highly recommended that you keep sugars and starches in your diet limited, since they fuel the development of the invisible bacterial film called dental plaque. It forms on your teeth and also at the gum line. Its powers to erode tooth enamel, as well as to irritate, inflame, and infect gum tissue are the reason for brushing your teeth when you wake up each day. If it feels as it there is a coating on your teeth, well that’s pretty accurate. Also, brush your teeth and floss between them before bed. It’s a good idea to brush after meals, as well, but if you at least do so as your first and last chore of the day, you’re on the right track. A teeth cleaning at our Melbourne dental office is a crucial supplement to at-home oral hygiene. Sneaky, stubborn plaque can avoid your toothbrush and dental floss. Any plaque that stays around is going to turn into tartar, a hard and crusty version of plaque that can only be removed with a teeth cleaning. Two of them per year is usually sufficient to get the necessary results. That means not just eliminating tartar buildup and any residual plaque, but also reversing the signs of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, which then prevents it from becoming advanced and exposing you to more serious consequences.

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