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32901 Dental Office

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Teeth Whitening 32901

It is reassuring to know that at Designing Smiles, not only can you get the whiter smile you want, but that you can have it done in the way that is easiest for you. Whether you do it on your own at home, or you have it done at our 32901 dental office, you can be confident of your teeth being transformed from stained, discolored, and dull to brighter and more brilliant.

There are so many ways that you can lose your natural teeth whiteness: drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, and cola; foods like berries, soy sauce, curry, and hard candies; and even some prescription medication, with tetracycline being a good example. There’s no doubt, though, that the biggest culprit of all is tobacco. Smoking or vaping are both equally bad when it comes to this particular issue. Your decision between the two options from our 32901 dental office is going to be based on your personal preferences. If you want fast results, and the work done by our cosmetic dentist, you’ll have it done at our 32901 dental office. In just about an hour, you leave here with a noticeable improvement in tooth color. But perhaps you like the control of doing it yourself, and/or you want a more gradual change. In that case, we will supply you with custom-made whitening trays designed to fit you perfectly. The trays dispense a more diluted form of the same solution used here. In a matter of days to a couple of weeks of wearing them for just a short time each night, you will observe your teeth becoming whiter by the day.

Get safe, effective teeth whitening that will last you for about a year or maybe up to several years, depending on how you maintain them. Contact our 32901 dental office and arrange an appointment to visit us.

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